Reviews for "World Revolution"

American/Japanese crossed signals

Hmm, considering that CT was released in America, and usually when an Asian game is released here in the states it's given new box art, maybe this should have been it?

Then again I am an Akira Toriyama whore and like the artwork...

maniac086 responds:

I am a Toriyama fan as well. I hardly ever try to replicate his style, as I find it challenging to try and translate his designs into other styles. Since his are usually charmingly silly, I try to make them a little more sleek.

You just made me realize these are the same characters on the original box art... XD


I played this thing on the DS...Still one a my favourites though! Too bad u didnt include Robot D: But ohwell..

Looks like lavos' inside?

maniac086 responds:

Yup! =)


Crono is wielding the most overpowered weapon ever, if you don't include the DS version. Awesome piece, loving the detail.

maniac086 responds:

hehe! Thank you very much!


Chrono Trigger! I loved that game! This art is great too, by the way. Love the coloring effects!

Amazing work!

This is one of the only pieces of art that ive seen of Chrono Trigger which is by far my favorite RPG of all time lol. Awesome work, I dont care what other people say, I think its great!