Reviews for "World Revolution"



maniac086 responds:

Backstreet's back, alright.


has blonde/redish hair.

maniac086 responds:

Which is what I gave her; I just didn't make it vivid, just like I toned down the saturation of Crono's hair. Also, the blue light is altering how much of the red is actually coming through.


What a wonderfully done piece, it's excellent in so many respects. I freaking love the subtle luminance on the top of the Crono's sword and the full flat glow on Marle's hand. The character shading and details are excellent and so is the texturing, such as the clothing folds. The background mimicks the pastel look of the game's environments. I really like the look of Marle's face too, that's great and so is Frog's... but I'm not too fond of Crono's face, I dunno why. His nose looks too rounded and his mouth doesn't match his facial structure, like it's too masculine/rounded. Anyway, that's a minor issue. Favorite'd. This piece deserves more attention.

maniac086 responds:

Thank you very much! =)

Crono's facial features were a trick and a half to work on... haha
My goal was to give him slightly Asian eyes and nose (and even hair), with a Caucasian complexion and irises.
If you look at the full size, you may be able to notice that he really has dark/black hair, simply "dyed" to look that bright of red. I just thought this would be an interesting take on him since he's from a seemingly medieval European town but has plenty of familiarity with the katana; figured I'd have a little fun reimagining the character to help explain that a little.

But the mouth... the mouth... haha!
That got changed so many times, for the exact reason you've pointed out. Ultimately, I took a judging glance at it with the overall piece and felt satisfied at the time of completion. But it's definitely the biggest drawback for me as of now. So I will most likely definitely be going in and restructuring Crono's jawline and mouth when I get around to completing the Lavos half of the piece!

Thanks again!