Reviews for "World Revolution"


although it does'n't really look like them, and i mean the face

maniac086 responds:

Thanks! I wanted to differentiate them from Toriyama's six-face-style. =)


I played this thing on the DS...Still one a my favourites though! Too bad u didnt include Robot D: But ohwell..

Looks like lavos' inside?

maniac086 responds:

Yup! =)

wow Chrono-trigger.

I played that game ages ago!!! I used to be a console gameing kind of person, and seeing this was a blast back. its a magnificent work, and i can see that you toned the colours down to present a more natural and realistic perspective from the characters. I also give you points because it is not anime >:(

that being said: i feel like there is a lot of negative space under the sword, and perhaps the placement of your people could have corrected that. specifically glenn looks out of place. :\ but whatever, taken for what it is, i love it!


maniac086 responds:

Thank ya very much!!

That negative space has its moments of rubbing me the wrong way as well. And you're right, for what's there right now, I think it comes down to the placement/pose of Frog/Glenn. I did have to move him up because the sword obstructing his legs and feet looked more awkward.

Really, I guess it comes down to Crono's katana. Going right to the edge of the composition isn't helping open up that box of negative space down there...

Thanks for the critique. It'll be something to keep in mind for when I go in and tweak the composition to accommodate the planned second half (Lavos facing them down). Thanks much!!

Totally Amazed!

I'm not much of a Chrono Trigger fan but I definitely love this!
It really is spectacular.

maniac086 responds:

Thank you very much!! =)

American/Japanese crossed signals

Hmm, considering that CT was released in America, and usually when an Asian game is released here in the states it's given new box art, maybe this should have been it?

Then again I am an Akira Toriyama whore and like the artwork...

maniac086 responds:

I am a Toriyama fan as well. I hardly ever try to replicate his style, as I find it challenging to try and translate his designs into other styles. Since his are usually charmingly silly, I try to make them a little more sleek.

You just made me realize these are the same characters on the original box art... XD