Reviews for "World Revolution"

I like it but...

Why is Marle a brunette? She's a blond or at least blond with some orange

maniac086 responds:

The base colors I laid down for her hair were pretty close to the in-game color, subdued a bit to make it look more realistic for this piece. Throw the shading and multiple highlights over it and it really washes out the vividness of what orange was there...

In this picture...

Chrono kind of looks like Yusuke from Girl Chan. :)
Also, the artwork is good.

maniac086 responds:

Thank ya very much!

Excellent Detail

I realize that the artist of Chrono Trigger is the same as the artist of the Dragonball series but I've still always felt that Chrono should look nothing like Goku!

This has got to be the best Chrono Trigger fan art that I have ever seen! It nails every important detail and gives Chrono and Marle some fresh, non-anime looking faces! Also, Chrono, Marle and Glenn is by far my favourite team in the first playthrough so you couldn't have picked a better combination of characters, in my opinion.

Keep it up! I want to see more from you!

maniac086 responds:

Thank you very much!
Strategy-wise, I relied on Crono, Robo, and Frog in my early playthroughs. But yeah, I'd say this trio makes a dynamic group, story-wise.

I plan on having a "part two" of this piece. Who knows when, but hopefully sooner than later!


Crono is wielding the most overpowered weapon ever, if you don't include the DS version. Awesome piece, loving the detail.

maniac086 responds:

hehe! Thank you very much!


Crono kinda looks like the main character from aquarion....just saying he looks...

maniac086 responds:

Thanks!! =D