Reviews for "World Revolution"


Well, i can't find here a Manga/Anime style like Akira Toriyamas work. This piece of awesomness looks kinda european. (if there is a drawingstyle that can be named)

Amazing work!

This is one of the only pieces of art that ive seen of Chrono Trigger which is by far my favorite RPG of all time lol. Awesome work, I dont care what other people say, I think its great!


what an incredible work!
the best part: frog and the masamune !
the worst: yeah, the marle's hair, but i don't care, it's great anyway


Chrono Trigger! I loved that game! This art is great too, by the way. Love the coloring effects!

you have a great style but...

you should not mess with akira toriyama´s style