Reviews for "Glitchy 1.6"

From a fellow gamer.

This is also a plea to anybody who wants to make a flash-movie based on ANY game.

Please don't.

And if you do, please make an effort of it. Your movie was brilliant in a few things - the names the "players" had, and the style of the characters you made.

But you have to improve alot on the graphics, perhaps work with layers? Seeing a character floating in front of the pillar is downstraight ugly; but the gag with the glitchy rain is acceptible.

Also, I would have added the trademark sound effects from CS if you're making a CS movie.

The humour (requires you've played CS) is great, but the movie is rather weak and seems like you hurried through the making too much.

Best of luck on the next movie you make!

9021863 responds:

Thanks for that nice review mate. One of the reasons i didnt submit this when i first made it was the pillar part.

That was sad

You got your point threw, but that movie sucked badly



I don't know how long this will last.

Man it was a good idea but i don't wanna get corrective laser eye surgey from reading tiny corer dwelling text..

9021863 responds:

Yeh my next movie i will do something with the text.


good idea: using counter-strike!
bad idea: everything else!

the text was too small and in dark colours!

9021863 responds:

I will change the text in my next movie