Reviews for "Wyrm of fire"


Words cannot describe how epic this is...




2 for the attached paragraph but ten for the art, and since this is the ART portal,10 stars


You've got a real talent for drawing. It's pretty sick the way you draw the details.

Only minor point about this drawing is the left foot attached to the rock.
It's just seems weird. Don't get me wrong, the foot looks awesome, but it's just inlogical. If you were to remove that i think it would make a better drawing.

Nonetheless, keep making these drawings and post them. Also maybe you could add your hand made sketches.

When you have enough drawings, you can look for an animator to make you an gallery flash for your artwork perhaps.


this is by far the most vibrant drawing ive seen thus far. wow n i dnt care if the foot is off its the bigger picture that im worried about, and ur bigger picture is stupendous. i think u out did urself. wich is always good to be able to make urself think wow i did that such a wonderful feeling i get that when i make my music sooo i know how it feels to always better ur self in ur eyes n not ne body elses, u make art because u want to make art its what u are drawn to ( hehe get it drawn to? i made a funny!) and no 1 ever should tell u how to make ur self better ur the only one who can do tthat, and this and many others are just a step closer. but lemme ask u summin what are u going to do in the end are u going to still be ecstatic about ur own work or is it going to die within u? hope it never dies n if it does i wish and i hope u do aswell that u go out with a blast!