Reviews for "Wyrm of fire"


You've got a real talent for drawing. It's pretty sick the way you draw the details.

Only minor point about this drawing is the left foot attached to the rock.
It's just seems weird. Don't get me wrong, the foot looks awesome, but it's just inlogical. If you were to remove that i think it would make a better drawing.

Nonetheless, keep making these drawings and post them. Also maybe you could add your hand made sketches.

When you have enough drawings, you can look for an animator to make you an gallery flash for your artwork perhaps.

i like... i like a lot!!!

i like your drawing skills man!


this is rly amazing! havent rly seen anything like this on here. the fire rly does look almost as if its moving in the picture!!! but his head looks a bit small on that thick neck of his. and the clawed foot(?) on the left of the rock -- it is well drawn, but its coming out of nowhere! it looks very odd almost right next to his hand. otherwise, very well done


2 for the attached paragraph but ten for the art, and since this is the ART portal,10 stars