Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"

Gonna have to fav and download

Phenomenal, this is really put together nicely. All of the elements used in this are pieced together just ever so powerfully. It flows and keeps your attention, I love it :D

CyriltheWolf responds:

Succint and amazing. Thanks for the most awesome review Kor.



CyriltheWolf responds:

well then, I know how you feel. :D

this is the most unidentifiable...

piece of music I have ever seen it is like a heavy metal flute rock ballad (that is if it had words, the instruments scream ballad to me though)

CyriltheWolf responds:

Haha. On another site my moniker is "Genre Bender"

Now you know why. :D


Nice dude, i think the flute actually goes well with it overall :D
Make some more ^^


Bad arse nugga.