Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"

Best Rock and Roll Song Here

This has got to be the best rock and roll song on newgrounds. This song is awesome!

CyriltheWolf responds:

Thank you very much! :D


A nice flow to it, but I think that the soft wind instrument seemed ill-placed and incompatible with the heavy tones of the song. If you occasionally went to segments solely with soft wind instruments, I think it might lend something to the song, instead of having it accompany the heavier guitar sounds.

Very nice all around. 8/10

CyriltheWolf responds:

I dunno, I like having obvious disparity. It seems ill-placed, but then again if you can have an orchestra playing heavily while a piccolo takes a solo... meh, I think it's not as bad.

Either you like the soft wind, or you hate it. Seems people are torn.

The Best In Newgrounds

I can't wait to see your future work. XD
Every positive emotion seems to relate to this song, this song is a really thrilling song that can change the world in a nice way. Great job! ^_^

CyriltheWolf responds:

Why thank you very much. :D

Amazing Guitar

Really good and really good guitar. This is the best audio rock I've listened to ever! It would be cool to play this on guitar hero even though I suck at the game. :D

CyriltheWolf responds:

Haha, I know what it means to suck at guitar hero! But yeah, if anyone wants to make a Guitar hero custom thing for this, by all means go ahead.

Well Done, could have been better

hey man this is a nice song dont get me wrong but there were some problems, now im no music critic but there were a few areas that could have been improved.
1. the first one i noticed was that for some parts the drums were very heavy, mabey a little too heavy for that part of the song, sometimes it downed out the other music sounds.
2. another bit i found was that in some parts, mainly in the first half, that there was too much going on, too much noise, with an off beat drum it kinda puts it out.

ok now on to the good stuff.
i liked the way you put the toned down bits in it. aswell as for most of it the drums were great, the guitar mastery was fantastic, and the harmonic notes at the top kinda mellow the hole song, its a good fusion of rock and classical (im not sure if you wanted it to turn out like that but i think it works well.
all in all a good track i hope to hear more from you, esspeacialy if you can do some wiked sick guitar work like this one.
anyway enough from me.
Well done. i gave it a 4/5 and a 9/10

CyriltheWolf responds:

Well thank you for the actual review. I really do appreciate that. :D Hmm... let me think here. There were a couple of spots where the drums were heavy, but I dunno. its one of those things were I was trying to get a contrast.

Other than that, I've improved so, stuff that comes out of me from hence forth should be better. Thanks for the review.= again. :D