Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"


Nice name, great song.


Great stuff, loved the folk feeling with the flute and all. Also the bit where the high guitar squealing bit started, i thought it was actually someone singing very high like dream theatre, so props on that. Nice key change at the endish too, it made it more epic. Keep it up buddy.

also..I think maybe the string might be too high, but thats probably a preference thing, and its your song haha, so again good job.


Dunno, but the flute part, it wasn't a real instrument, was it? I think that it has the unrealistic feeling to it(even though that way it sounds better, you know, a real instrument takes a real PROFESSIONAL~Heh, even my professor can't do it right~ to be able to make it sound so smooth)

CyriltheWolf responds:

No, it wasn't a real instrument... sadly. Of course, finding a flute player where I live who would willingly play the lead line to a song such as this would be... most difficult. And finding flautists with proper recording equipment is just as hard, so yes, definately synthesized/sampled flute.


I like all the textures in the song. Like when the flute comes in etc. Great overall sound. Didn't like the drums that much ( the sound that is) Highhat to much the same sound etc.

But awesome as hell anyways.

Keep it up!

CyriltheWolf responds:

*shrug* I don't have the money currently to spend on awesome drum samples, so I kinda have gone through a lot of various phases to find what exactly I need to do to get fairly good drums. I think I've gotten it down pretty well.

nice job

This is a good song, mind you, some things were a little jumbled, and I think it might have worked a little better if the guitar was a slight bit heavier. also, I think that you should stick to one rythem, otherwise, make it longer, nice work though

CyriltheWolf responds:

Uh. Thanks. Haha. Maybe, I dunno. I suppose that's a preference thing.