Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"


there is nothing wrong with the flute...if you are gonna use flute use softer rock it was a little to hard for it..the first part that the flute came in was the best then it fell apart its good umm if you wanna keep it the same edit the volume of the flute and sync everything better and i think no one would complain about the flute any more hehe great job regardless i couldnt do any better :P

CyriltheWolf responds:

haha. Not sure. I think part of the charm is the flute, but I dunno gotta mess with it.


i loved it other than the flute so i still give it a 10 and a vote of 5

Sweet but...

I have to agree with the last guy, flute didn't complement too well. THe first little bit felt like porcupine tree. Also, as a drummer, i found the inconsistent high-hat work somewhat irritating at times. But defiantly a song to be proud of.

CyriltheWolf responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I dunno someday I'm probably gonna update it becuase I can play better and I'll probably avoid the flute... or at least give it something good.
And I'm better at drums. Which makes my spastic high-hat work a bit more presentable. >_> maybe?

Very Cool

Sweet bass line; definitely kept me hooked.
Everything flowed together really nicely, and the instrument quality was excellent. The Jethro Tull-style flute playing didn't fit well. Calling it progressive is totally accurate, haha.
What did you use to make this?

CyriltheWolf responds:

Sonar... and guitars. :D

pretty good but...

i liked it alot but could be a little bit of tweaking and it would have my 10 and 5
9 / 5