Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"


Very theme song-ish lol.


CyriltheWolf responds:

Why thank you!

Mighty Morphological Power Rangers!

Melody is beautiful. I would give better criticism, but I already told you how I felt. It's all gooood.

CyriltheWolf responds:

indeeed. Lol.


and well put together. Sounds good on my ears at least. Quite some different elements in there. Acoustical/Metal/Game stuff, can't really put in a box. A very interesting mix of different styles. Like it a lot though. Some nice melodies in there as well.

Overall, quite a fine piece a got there! 575! ;D

CyriltheWolf responds:

Thanks. I don't like boxes, they suck a lot. Unless you make a metal song with Boxes? Well, this theme is like me. So yeah. :D

really nice

dude,this is really cool! i can only give you a 1 for that!

CyriltheWolf responds:

A 1?!?! Wow.... oh well. Useless review, but thanks.