Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"

Great for Newgrounds

It's not the best rock song I've ever heard, but there's barely any great rock on Newgrounds, unfortunately. This one is really decent, no meaning offense, although the flute is a little distracting. It's really well presented and put together, and it's one of my favourite songs off Newgrounds. Keep going strong.

CyriltheWolf responds:

Of course. :D This is the kind of rock I'd do more often if I had time.... I play bass for to many people. LOL

Thanks for the review!

quite shocking realy.

in a good way though im shocked how little reviews and listens there are and fact it has not been sued in asubmission i do think u went a little over the top with the flute/keyboard could technicly be produced by both but it was a little repetitive and i pref like how it starts to sound at 2:00 but thats just cuz i prefer classic rock before all the wanna be's tryed to sing it but besides that it is a realy good song even despite the fact the "flute" or w/e the heck it is gets annoying but its good il check out more of your stuff later on \/ for now

CyriltheWolf responds:

Uh. Thanks! I appreciate the review, but no offense, use punctuation to your sentences!

I liked the points you brought up, but they kinda blend into each other. Other than that, please check out my other stuff and ROCK!

Fun stuff

What a fun start. This song was really good. The guitar just sounded so awesome, I really got into it. Especially at 0:42, the buildup was great. This song really had it all, and I only have one complaint. It ended so abruptly, that was definitely the only bad part about this song. Congratulations on a great song, I encourage you to keep up the work and don't get out of music for a really long time :)

CyriltheWolf responds:

It has an abrupt end? Wow. That's the first I've ever had that said about this song! hahaha. Wow. Well regardless, I'm glad you liked it!


Great work! I really can't say anything negative or to suggest anything for improvement. Keep on rockin'!!!!

CyriltheWolf responds:

Very thanks!

Gonna have to fav and download

Phenomenal, this is really put together nicely. All of the elements used in this are pieced together just ever so powerfully. It flows and keeps your attention, I love it :D

CyriltheWolf responds:

Succint and amazing. Thanks for the most awesome review Kor.