Reviews for "Progressive Morphology"


The flute and the rock genre actually works? Never knew that, your smart to figure it out. Now I think I know why you used the name Progressive Morphology.

CyriltheWolf responds:

I listen to enough different styles of music, some progressive metal and some other things. So it influenced me. I composed this over three years ago actually, I just finally got skilled enough to record it.

I was originally just going to call it Morphology, but that name was already taken so I had to think on my feet. Thanks for the review!

who knew!

who knew a flute and a guitar would go so good together? and this sounds like a Legend of Zelda theme song when the flute and guitar play at the same time which I LOVE!

CyriltheWolf responds:

Why thank you, and hey, I'm glad some people liked the idea. A lot of people thought it shouldn't go, but hey! There are weirder combos, next up, saxophone. :D



CyriltheWolf responds:

well then, I know how you feel. :D

Delightfully Strange

Never in my life did I think I'd hear a flute and an electric guitar together, much less that it would sound so good. Somehow though, you managed to achieve what I never thought possible. You managed to make it blend in a way that I couldn't picure this song without the flute, or any of the other diverse elements in it.

Somehow some people said the flute was "annoying" and dont like it, but dont listen to them. I think that it is the diversity of instruments and sounds used that help make this song so unique and overall awesome.

One great theme song you got for yourself, nice work.

CyriltheWolf responds:

Why thank you sir! :D I reallly appreciate reviews like this one. :D


Yo, great song man! love the use of electric guitar, and with the bass and drums really give it a kick, although the flute or electric noise sounds are kind of.. a turn off =(. Awesome song overall!

Ps: im really curious, wut software u use to make ur songs? its pretty awesome wut variety of instruments u kindof used. =P
-Mugle Approved-

CyriltheWolf responds:

I definately used a program called "Sonar" with Amplitube 2 Live for the guitar sound.

I dunno, the flute and stuff is one of those "Like it or don't" Sort of things. *shrug* Sorry.