Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"


I love the pube muppet!This was great,good job!!

Hit:FUNNY!!A new collection,yay!

Miss:Graphics need work!

Yes,that was swell,lol

LollypopClock responds:

The crappy graphics are there just to add to the humor. And thank you for the nice review.


one of the best entries as always

WOOT! The collection continues! Long live Pubey!

Awesome Lollypop! I was thinking the 3rd collection was ur last! But I was wrong... you are as dedicated to Pube Muppet as some people are to that ass Foamy! W00t, good job on this, I cant wait to see more! I am glad to see you are using some of my ideas, and calling PM as "pubey", as I started the trend of that name. Well anywayz I hope you make a #5 collection, and my Special Collection should be out very soon, later this month or next month. It will be uber seksay!!!

Your pubey friend,
BlueCherry Clock

P.S. I will now masturbate to Pube Muppet.

LollypopClock responds:

It was going to be my last but I decided to keep the collections coming. And I can't wait to see your next collection and thanks for the support!

I love pube muppet

I love this series. Most people probably wont, but if they'd quit being so snobby and just enjoy the madness they would.


How do you guys keep coming up with this junk (I would think it would get old, yet these movies keep coming out)? I also notice in your credits, you mentioned hot pockets, yet I saw no sexy hot pocket action in your movie, which disappointed me. Elton John + Salad Fingers + Hot Pockets = Sexy.