Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"

these aged well. you know its funny how there is actually a formula for a proper pube muppet cartoon.


I will then eat the poop and poop the poop i just pooped!! Hilarious!


How do you guys keep coming up with this junk (I would think it would get old, yet these movies keep coming out)? I also notice in your credits, you mentioned hot pockets, yet I saw no sexy hot pocket action in your movie, which disappointed me. Elton John + Salad Fingers + Hot Pockets = Sexy.

Ok, you shitty bad reviewers!

Get a sense of humor and quit hassling the author! Seriously! You guys need to eat corn shit!

Long Live the Pube Muppet

More greatness. What's to say except hilarious? I always love seeing Pube Muppet his homosexual antics are Fuckin' hilarious. Keep up the great work my good man.