Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"


i love you! lol this was soo great it isnt even funny..keep making em..PUBE MUPIT RULES NEWGROUNDS

Guys, it's gotten old

You're losing your edge guys. The shock value of the pube muppet is long gone, although i do have to say the fact that i'm amazed that you're all still able to write this


I love the pube muppet!This was great,good job!!

Hit:FUNNY!!A new collection,yay!

Miss:Graphics need work!

Yes,that was swell,lol

LollypopClock responds:

The crappy graphics are there just to add to the humor. And thank you for the nice review.


Seven new Pube Muppet adventures?? OMFG! You homosexual manbeasts are my best friends! Your sexy homosexual website also rules. i must now vote 5 on this sexy, homosexual movie.

LollypopClock responds:


I can't take it any more!

You didn't start the fire but your feeding the fire.Which means you didn't create him but your making him popular more than before, could make this your last pube mupit collection, I've seen your other work ,lollypop clock and it's good and you should make better movies.

LollypopClock responds:

Thanks for complementing some of my other work. I could make better movies but the problem is that all of my good movies are big projects I spent ages on. But usually when I start making a big movie I usually lose interest and end up scrapping it. Only about an eighth of them were acually made and were never scrapped.