Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"

Omfg that was teh brilliance!

U have continued to keep the pube mupis legend alive by making great new submissions to expholiate his holyness! I especially liked pube mupit doesent go to the gaystore, that was an unexpected spoof and cool. U didnt put in a game but u put in a lot of lenghtly pube mupit submissins to make up for it! U are helping to preserve the pube mupit from the crappy image a ton of n00bz are giving him with their movies thta are unworthy of his appearance and use pubey stunt doubles. You are doing a great job and I hope to see many more pube mupit collections, without u he may fall into homosexual obscurity!
May you forever recieve Fiven!!!111


Voting 10 on this flash will piss many people off
GO muppet@!

I love pube muppet

I love this series. Most people probably wont, but if they'd quit being so snobby and just enjoy the madness they would.

WOOT! The collection continues! Long live Pubey!

Awesome Lollypop! I was thinking the 3rd collection was ur last! But I was wrong... you are as dedicated to Pube Muppet as some people are to that ass Foamy! W00t, good job on this, I cant wait to see more! I am glad to see you are using some of my ideas, and calling PM as "pubey", as I started the trend of that name. Well anywayz I hope you make a #5 collection, and my Special Collection should be out very soon, later this month or next month. It will be uber seksay!!!

Your pubey friend,
BlueCherry Clock

P.S. I will now masturbate to Pube Muppet.

LollypopClock responds:

It was going to be my last but I decided to keep the collections coming. And I can't wait to see your next collection and thanks for the support!


The sexyness continues, LOL. You guys fucking RULE!!!!