Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"



huh? why am i co author?

Oh well its loading so I'll see why


It Is Good Cos I Be Saying So Also I'm Jewish

Thank god!

Finally another pube muppet collection. We really need to petition for an actual section here on NG though.

Another great collection. They just keep getting better.

Hello my good man...I am the pube muppet.

YES!!! Another pubemuppet collection! for some odd reason, I can't get enough of his bizarre and twisted sense of humour. (what was he supposed to be in the trick-or-treat episode though? Some weird half jedi knight half purple condom freak?)
thank you for keeping the hated-by-some-loved-by-others pubelegend alive and well, preserving it from all of the pagan pubehaters in the world with your masterful collections. in the next one, please add the cannibus_clock classic, "Pube Muppet vs. Foamy", for all pubemuppetfans hate that stupid little bastard and want to see him die.
Thanks man. your pubemuppet collections rule.