Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 4"

Everyone loves the Pube Muppet!

Funny as usual. The Pube Beaker and Pube Muppet are very funny in the computer cartoon. The funniest is Pube Muppet Doesn't Go To The Ghey Store.


one of the best entries as always

They all tend to be exactly the same

At least they have some slight differences to keep one guessing.

I try to keep my 2 legs on the ground

Well, that 'I left it up my ass' thing is getting annoing,maybe...

Another flash starring our ass excrusion friend..

.. Pube Muppit! Love em all! Especially the Movie episode where he says he will put his penis in the hot nacho cheese to get pleasure! Then putting his dick in the popcorn and freezing it off to make a drink! and shitting the tickets in the concession guy's face! Reminds meh of my work lol! I thought it was really funny in the airport movie where the guy said he shoved Justin Timberlake in the ass! groovy!