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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"


totally lolz man

Bezo responds:

Thanks. Or I guess, thankz.


this is killer its a mix of afro man and cypress hill killa

Bezo responds:

Interesting. I don't think Afro Man or Cypress Hill would like the comparison. Thanks.

We want the Funk..You bring the Funk

This is better than electric six...keep it up man ..koickass music ..hysterical lyrics

Bezo responds:

Thanks a lot. I will endeavour to keep on "koick"ing.

Holy Damn Yes!

I Lovels This a whole ton!
This made me smile
Thank you

Bezo responds:

If nothing else, I can say that I made at least one person smile.

You've already brought the funk, dude.

This is probably the best I've heard in a while. Very professionally funk sounding ;D
And the theme? I cannot not love. This hath stopped me from doing my hmwrk. Which is good and bad, lol.
Don't let the funk stop! ;D
-Vesta J

Bezo responds:

Well, I can't take credit for the instrumental backing, due to the Magic Garage Band nature of it, but I appreciate the chance to disrupt your education. Thanks a lot.