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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"


!im gonna kill u! dude nice jazzy thing!!!! awesome!!!! im dancin around as i write! =P i almost stabbed my kitty!! lol JK! dude total 5/5

Bezo responds:

Now now. I have no objection to killing PEOPLE, but don't you dare lay a finger on that kitty.


lol awesome =D
voice is good & well fitting.
Drums, bass, leads, structure.. all are good :D
keep it up!


Bezo responds:

Thanks. I've never sung in this style before so it was an interesting experience.


lolz this was pretty funny keep on making songs

Bezo responds:

I will. I hope.


Wow. Nice!

Bezo responds:



Reminds me of the danzig parodies on youtube

ROFLMFAO! The lyrics are hilarious, and the music just feels like it belongs in a Vegas show. Of course, I did get a really hilarious image of it having a place in a Cowboy Bebop episode lol. This is hilarious stuff. Good work

Bezo responds:

Damn...I do sorta sound like Danzig in this.