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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"


im so gonna use this song in my next flash.

I love funk but I never tought id hear somethinng like this.

nice scream at the beginning

Bezo responds:

So did you end up using it?

Bad thing happened :(

I almost killed my whole family while listening to this. Lulz. Awesome song.

Bezo responds:

Almost? Pfft, almost doesn't count.

bloody good

its a bit like happy hardcore very good and stay like the music this makes me feel like hyper same with me im going to kill u reely i mean it

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I think.

Keanu Reeves reportedly said "Whoa"


Nothing I can say will be anything other than that. Super creative, funky, and downright hilarious. AWESOMESOCKS.

Bezo responds:

Oh Keanu, I just knew that if I uploaded enough songs to Newgrounds, eventually I'd get a whoa out of you.



you are very creative and funny!

Bezo responds:

I've always liked to think so. Lately, I've become very caustic so I think a lot of my humour is lost, but I'm trying valiantly to rediscover it.