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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"

Love the lyrics

Loving the lyrics and even though you have used the garageband magic band i have based this review over the lyrics and not the song however well it goes together.

Loved the scream at the beginning and the comedy.

Bezo responds:

Yes, I do admit that Magic Garage Band backed me up on this track. I thought I'd put that in my description but apparently I didn't. Thanks for the review.

o m g

love the gorey lyrics

rock on

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I like to create a sense of dissonance.


Funniest Funk I ever heard XD

Bezo responds:

I suspect true funk artists would very much wish to do to me some of the acts described in this song for my half-assed attempt to ape their style.

Catchy and Creepy!

nice work. i don't think i've heard many songs like this before but this is good.

Bezo responds:

I'd like to think that, if nothing else, I'm very original.

Sometimes. Thanks for the review.


The reason i don't vote 10 is because some parts of it sound like other songs, but mostly this is a really cool original work.

P.S. This is more jazz than funk, personally.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I never understand ten votes anyway. I don't think I've EVER written anything that deserves a ten. A few sevens, eights, and maybe even a nine or 2. Also a crapload of sixes, some fives, and the occasional three to four.

I don't think I've ever done anything that warrants a ZERO mind you.