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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"


love the lyricks doode!!!

PS ur 1 of my fave musitions...

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I wish I still had an output.

I Didn't Vote Zero...

But I wouldn't mind you bringin' the funk anyway.

Bezo responds:

I wish I could really bring the funk, but alas, Magic Garage Band had to bring it for me. I just brought the singin'.


Now i listen this song,can i kill someone?? Just kidding...

Bezo responds:

You can do it if you try, no one can stand in your way. ;)


You don't hold your feelings back do you?

Bezo responds:

I've been told it's one of my most charming and simultaneously most annoying qualities.

Violent and funky. Nice.

This is one of those strange songs that simply defies the norm of a genre completely. The music of this piece resembles the classic 70's era funk, decorated with gory, strangely satisfying lyrics. Personally, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to imagine the actions he sings about.

All in All:
5 of 5, 10 of 10
Downloaded, Favorite
Opinion: Let's funk someone up!

Bezo responds:

Me too. But I'm a bit of a nutjob. Thanks for the review.