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Reviews for "I'm Going to Kill You"

Its ok

I want to kill you now.

Bezo responds:

Too bad. I live.

You win at life.

Dude, YOU ARE SO GOOD. This makes me think of a local band called Silent Duck. They have similar humour only more sex-related.


So much respect.

Bezo responds:

Sex is something I prefer to leave at home. I don't like hearing about other people's sex. And I'm sure no one wants to hear about mine. Thanks for the review.


Oh my gooooodddddd!!!!!!!!

I've been listening to your songs on my computer all day! YouARETHEBEST!!!!!!!

Bezo responds:

Thank you for saying so. I'm a fan of this song, even though I sorta wrote it. The lyrics anyway.


I love this song, it is so funny.

Bezo responds:



hey thanks for the pimp ass new ringtone. great song.

Bezo responds:

Looks like an asswhooping is calling you. I guess.

Thanks for the review.