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Reviews for "Good ol' hank"

Only a couple of things I can think about..

First off decent picture of Hank all around, better than the one that you had with little to no background. I think there are a couple of small things that could have been done to improve it though.

The goggles look very rough. Kind of sloppy, and lines aren't as clean as the other ones you did. The inside and outside circles that you used for the goggles weren't done very well. Perhaps you could have used some sort of tool to make them a little smoother, but if you wanted just free hand I recommend simply doing them very lightly and trying to perfect the circle as best as you can.

The background could have been a little bit more detailed, but I like the fact that you had one. Perhaps you could also use a little more shading/shadowing even though you did use a little bit.

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It's a nice close-up of Hank, with good shading on his character in general. I liked the fact that there's a bit of a background to look at in this one, too.

What I would work on is putting more detail into his coat, just put a few creases here and there and align his belt buckle with the belt itself a bit more, though it could just be me.

-Review Request Club-


Out of the three I reviewed today from you I think this picture looks the best. This one also has a background, so the canvas doesn't look as empty. ;)

But I think the jacket he wears could have used a few more details, some shadows or some folds here and there.

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Not the best :c

Well, being honest; it's all fine expect the goggles. They look fine and there's no tension in them..

You've done better ones dude... :c

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All I can say is, you have done well. :D