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Reviews for "Good ol' hank"


Well this was notbad I like the drawing and sketch of this all it's actually pretty good I think it does need some type of enhanced effects like if you run it through a phohotoshop program you can ad some light and dark effects that would really ad to this piece as a whole so nice work here indeed and I look forward to much more

Some enhancing would be a plus on this one


Still fairly average.

I like that you added a background this time, and the lack of writing makes it better.

However, as always it needs colour. IIf you don't want to do that, you could at least have some contrast in shading, instead of block shading. For example, have one side of him a bit darker. Lighting is very important in art.

I still want you to try something digitally :)

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It's alright

I'm not sure if his right hands finger is pointing or is really big, it's quite hard to tell, part of his straps on his jackets disappears on the left side, good to see you have a backround on this one.

You should really start doing stuff digitally it's easier to colour, shade, correct later on ect ect. I think you could do really well with it.

Overall it's a nice picture just a little work on the colours.

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A good bit of work on the background, with adequate shading applied this time, making the piece look much better overall already :)

As I've said about your work before, it could use a little colour, but even without, this one is starting to look like the real deal. Perhaps if you started to explore a darker range of shades, it would look better, because Hank has never worn White, has he? He was always a darker shade of grey, so giving him this would give the image more of his "bite me" attitude.

Possibly some sorts of shades of red and orange for the background - the red sky and the orangey sands of the Nevada landscape, just to give a little more realism.

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Better picture @:)

This is what the other Hank picture you did should have turned out like, the details just flow together and make the picture turn out to be a lot better story of why he is there in the first place and why he is still killing people and whatnot. The outfit like he is always wearing looks pretty damn cool as well.

The goggles could have at least been colored in red and let the rest of it be shades of black so it seems even more fitting all around.

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