Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"


that gets better everytime i see it... kewl man.... im votin 5 on this baby... LOVE THE MUSIC!!! but i sounded like u were about to tie some chick to a railroad track... o well...

toxicbomb responds:

haha, you mean like in those old cartoons? haha, hmmm... not a bad idea...

LOL great

Lol that was a great movie, i liked the guys that didnt make it to the marshmellow, and the guy who didnt get shot out but got carried over there and shoved in. your movies are great and another thing that makes your movies and knoxs is your 2 are like the only 2 people on newgrounds that respond to any of there reviews...Zephon the Angel of Death

toxicbomb responds:

Hey thanks. I tried to make it just like the original, but I wanted to add my own flavor to it. Im glad you enjoyed it. And yea, I like to resond to reviews, because hardly any authors do because IDK, mayby they are too "good" to respond lol. I like to though, but I have responded over 100 reviews, so it gets a little, repetitive with things like, "Thanks for your review!" and "Glad you liked it", N stuff like that. I dont mind though. Anyways, thanks for your review lol, and Happy Holidays N Happy new year!


nicely done

hes not a theif hes going to remake it not do the excat same thing this flash is difrent

toxicbomb responds:

Ya, im not sure what I was thinking, but I can say I feel a little ashamed. Just a little though! ^_^ It was fun to make.


to good to be true

**** cool as man coollllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool ****