Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

wow a tribut that isnt a rip off

well sorta =P still nice work dude. Took a look at the rest of ur flicks too not bad at all. no matter what the haters say keep it up.

^_^ v

toxicbomb responds:

Your one of the only people who liked it. Thanks a lot, and yes, im going to make a REALLY good one, to show them all :-P


madness rocks. period. :D

toxicbomb responds:


This is destined for greatness...

You sir and Krinkels RULE!!! \m/ AWESOME \m/

toxicbomb responds:

woo hoo thanks. Im glad you liked. Im gonna make more, so stay tuned!


Your animation was creative. But it was too short. Could be longer. But the graphics are okay, I like it. The sound, not much. But I like it, congratulations!

toxicbomb responds:

lol well I was trying to make it like the original as much as possible, so it is the same length as the old one. :-D

Nice job!

Really well done remake of Marshmellow Madness. It gets a Four in my book - would've gotten a five it was an original script. ^_^ Still, excellent work. You have skill.

toxicbomb responds:

Well at least im in your book :-D