Reviews for "Marsh Madness Remake"

Great, just like all the madnesses

good tribute, looks just like the normal

toxicbomb responds:

Ya :x


It's a really good tribute despite what other Newgrounders might think (I must commend a previous reviewer for calling it not a tribute as it was too similar to the original, good show sonny). I'm sure you realise the good points of your flash, the improved ending rather than just a rotated version of the person as per original, the increase in the number flying towards the Marshmellow, and the nice little touches you added to scenery. So I will just comment on the one little thing that diminished my movie going experience, when you had the multiple people flying towards the marshmellow you then roll it over but the people flying and laying dead and bloody on the ground just jump into oblivion. Although only a few frames I found it very noticeable, I'm not sure why you did it but if you could fix it then I would be happy as Larry.

Good work overall, the movie worked well. (Try not to get disheartened by reviewers by the look of your score the general public like it.)

toxicbomb responds:

Thank you! :D


Ive seen a lot of madness remakes, but this one is the best. Amazing work and the graphics were perfect even better then krinkles himself nice job

toxicbomb responds:



i know u will probably just be an asshole like with all the rest of the reviewers who didn't like your movie..but if u can't accept critisism you shouldnt submit stuff in a public website..but anyway...just because it's a tribute doesn't mean that you gotta copy the original movie..i am not saying u didn't make it..all i am saying is that you could've made abetter tribute if u had messed a lil bit with the original storyline..cuz it just looks like a copy of the original..

toxicbomb responds:

yeah..........i guess I screwed up eh? I was actually trying to make it almost exact, but with my animation. Oh well... back to the drawing board....

I'm scared of marshmallows now...

That was pretty cool !
I never thought a giant marshmallow could be so dangerous though...
I guess I'll never see them the same way again !

toxicbomb responds:

haha, frozen!