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Reviews for "Megaman 2 - Dr. Wily's Castle"

This was Mega, Man!

I love this song. It's just another in the stream of awesome megaman songs And this one was top notch. Keep it up.

PS: sorry for the pun

Luigio responds:

You have created the epitome of Mega Man puns. I salute you, soldier!


To be honest, its one of the best DR.W Castle remixes I have ever heard. Infact, its one of the best remixes i have ever heard at all!

Good job!


I LOVE how this has a sort of Mario Paint feel through it, and you did a WONDERFUL job.

Best remix I have heard, hands down.

This song is perfect in every way. The beginning, with the classic NES music, was both an excellent tribute to the original theme, and helped to set up the rest of the song. The rest...is flawless. No other way to describe it.

Again, best Wily's Castle Remix, hands down.

Oh God....

Nostalgia rush, thanks for making this, brings back too many good memories.