Reviews for "Newgrounds is awesome :)"


Really awesome...
This should definitly be on the NG calendar!... It like, all NewGround's biggest characters all together... It's just awesome in a way I can't tell way so much!!...
Good luck on the contest!

Awesome, I love it! :D

So many characters. And I recognize all of them. Blockhead, Cuboy, Pico, Larry, Mickey, Hank, etc. This is so awesome. It reminded of a few series I haven't seen in a while. Like I haven't seen the original Jerry in a long ass time and I want to now because I saw him. If you plan on adding a few characters, I suggest adding: Paladin, Burnt Face Man, Mastermind, There She Is!! cat or bunny, Red Baron, girlchan, and maybe even a penicorn. :P

I love sprites

awsome that you put my little turtle in there :3 greatly made I hope it gets in X3

EdpR responds:

thanks dude, I hope it gets in too,
btw how's your new turtle game going?

this is so good!

this should be in the 2011 calender!! :D


this should be the cover, i love this. maybe a little more color with the background would be cool, but hey Im no artist so Ill leave you to the creative genious. Hope you make it man, best of luck