Reviews for "Found Lost"


Christ... Heart Attack.... Way to go....

that was creepy shit

flashlights and dark just make for some spooky stuff and that sure was spooky, humor came from the poster of the lady, which i found funny hah


i was a bit too scray to play it so i give it that, i saw the comment "hands comming outta the wall" so i stopped playing

morbid shit

i'm just a kid with a morbid sense of humor but that was so twisted shit and i liked it i must admit. i dunno whether to hate or love hte people who "spoiled" the part to get the dorr unlocked and i won't tell but they have already so oh well. the only complaint i have which really isn't a complaint is to make it longer or somthing... but all in all that was some wicked shit.

This was very well done.

I must say well done. I can not believe how well the story line is. To put it simply, it was amazing. You put clues in the most intriguing places. It was quite creepy. Everything about that game fit so well with the mood and story line. I really hope that you keep making movies and games. You got my good votes.