Reviews for "Found Lost"

that was cool

i dont have alot of time on my hands but that was still good dont make it so hard wut i mean by that is dont make it all reading reading reading but nice work

A twisted reality...

Just another look at a subconcious mind where only the deep and sucluded find themselves in a wronged abyss and stale in the mind. The hands, even then that picture was very creepy, however, resoluting in it's own way. Sorry if I'm talking in a fondled way, I just found a game that truly gives you a reality spook and a trick to the mind. I read the story about John and his strange paintings very intersting. I found it even more brilliant that this was based off a single outkast picture. Nicley done amazingly toned pictures and graphix and good luck with your next big project and always have fun at Newgrounds.com! :-D


In the house alone with a burnt out light bulb....

.... but you can't scare a maesta no matter how hard you try very good game though made my heart race at some points but thats just adrenolin.

Well done...

This is a perfect example of how the human psyche can be so easily crushed by absolute fear itself. This even gave me some nightmares.


The ending wasn't that scary. The thing that creeped me out the most was that painting in the last room, that doll-girl really freaked me out(just the look of those empty porcelain eye sockets is creepy). The amimation was excellent, and I liked the soundtrack. It really added to the game. Very Eternal Darkness-esque. Excellent job. Keep up the incredible work! Make a sequel, also, with a larger house and a scarier ending.