Reviews for "Found Lost"

that was slick

good damn job, but the scare should have ahd a quicker animation you know, and you should mention to turn up the sound for it.
otherwise....fucking great

Im stoopid

Can anyone tell me how the hell u open that door? :P

Good job man, this is a nice creepy game.

what da fuck

K im playing this at 130 AM by myself with the lights out,
Damn its freky the hell outta me i had t ostop, lol wtf its a flash game, thats not easy to do U GET A 10

holy FUCKING shit!

that was so awesome! oh my god i can't even begin to describe it. i loved the way you put all the clues together. and how the book was hidden. that was great. and the tape at the end! omg that was freaky. then all of a sudden WHAM a bunch of hands come flying out of nowhere. the only thing is that i think the hands should sorta phse in, then come flying at you hyper speed. they kinda fly in really slow. make more. MORE !!! so awesome...


the suspense killed me but in the end it was pretty alright....that picture IS haunted....the owner sold it on ebay and had a motion camera on the hallway and it shows the picture turning red and the people move around..... he sold it with a high blood pressure warning.... nice job