Reviews for "Found Lost"

Really good game, go girl!

Great game, but what does the tape say at the end??

it's creapy

it's creepy but i cant find out how to finish it


DUde this is defintely creepy, I'm a girl and I think its sexist to say a girl can't make a flash game. So way to go! You should totally make more games like this ;)

Great game

I love this game and the use of "The Hands Resist Him" painting, do you mind if I remake it?

knocking? wtf

i left the game on for a while in the background while i was watching youtube and i had my headphones on. while i was searching for vids, not playing them, i heard knocking and thought my character was getting attacked!. i checked the flash and nothing was happening but the knocking continued.

anyone else run into this? my character was standing in the main hallway.
lol maybe the knocking was coming from the creepy attic ^0 ^