Reviews for "Found Lost"

Nice... and creepy!

I remember I played this with a friend of mine, and even with the two of us there, we were still scared ****less! And after I figured it out and told him what to do, I was still terrified to do it...
Four years later, after I came across this again, I finally worked up the courage to finish it. I had no idea that that painting (both paintings) actually existed.
What I'm trying to say is, thank you for making such a great game and keep up the good work (even though you'll probably never read this since this was made long ago and I don't know when the last time you've been on Newgrounds, but oh well!)
10/10 :)

really spooky!!

i got really scared just looking at that skelton in the mirror! but then the noises came on i flipedd!! i kno im a big chicken but it was scary but i really liked it!(:

I'm really stumped

I can't figure out how to beat this game And for the first comment, I don't see any option to read more of your review.


oh wow that was scarey. i didnt even realize the sounds til i read a comment lol then played again. first time i played i closed my eyes whem i seen the hands lol. yea im a chicken. i liked it though =)

It was actually kind creepy,

Hope I don't have nightmares after reading that story! =O