Reviews for "Found Lost"

Good game, but the ending was kinda BS, plus it's extremely short.

I loved the ending ,nice little surprise at the end. The font was alittle small and hard to read . And some times you had to exit the screen then go back in if the description of an item would not go awa y . Please , Please ...make more ,I bet you love creepy dolls and haunted amusement parks.

The game have it's troubles, but still great!.
I loved it, played it when i was like 5-6 years old, and still remember it.
Have to admit; the clock puzzle made me go crazy, i couldn't solve it until the second day of play. =P

-Also; i made a little game inspired on your game.
The title is "Lost in the woods" on indiedb.

If you are thinking on continue to make more flash projects like this one, i'll be subscribed to your content.

It's a good start at making flash games and I respect that there are female game developers being recognized. The only thing I found frustrating was that when I clicked on a key item that there was no Close button for them, which forced me to click on the item again to close it and sometimes opened up other prompts that were in the background. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

good game even if it was short and the voices on the tape sound like there speaking backwards except for open your mind. i didnt like the fact that while trying to turn the journal pages i kept opening and closeing the shower curtian. you should disable interacting with the background when reading.