Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"


this was so perfect it is exactly the same only then 8bit you did realy great dont mind what others say this is just sooo perfectly done

m0dul4r responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it, but it's nowhere near done. I have to fix the drums, I have to fill in the rest of the bass, I'm even going to put vocals in.

But glad you like it.


Play some fuckin megaman to this! >XD Badass dude!

Pretty awesome.

This was pretty awesome in my opinion, but like you said a few things do need to be tweaked, and it did sound weird in a few spots. Overall, I enjoyed listening to the song. I love listening to the different styles of Through The Fire and The Flames.


Damn.... that was just awesome!

Wow, even though it's a work in progress, it's still badass!
I'm just at a loss of words from the pure win that song was!
That should absolutely be put into an old-style 8-Bit NES RPG...
For a boss fight, of course, such awesomeness will give the Epic feeling a boss fight should have!
When you finish it, the reviews are gunna break the 10 Star scale!
Infact, we need a 100 Star Scale! Well, I'ma sum up this Wall O' Next with one last

You should make....

one of these for Strike Of A Ninja.
It's another good song by them, and only 3 min long.
That will dispel all of these "only song ppl kno by them" comments.