Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"


Why didnt u do the full song and needs a little work.


I rremember this from GuitarHero and I thought this was great.

I thought you would have used "Noise" for the drums instead of regular old drums, so I do think that was an 8bit let down.

I was totally expecting the solo that I clearly remember ending the song in GH but I thought it was good all the same.

Hysteri-Awesome take on the tune

I got sick of hearing the original after awhile (unfortunately), but this alternative got me loving TTFAF again. Although I'd like to hear a version with the vocal pitch's in the background too (not the actual voice though...that make sense?), its otherwise perfect. Awesome job.

a little disappointing...

the 32 bit drums and spatial effects (reverb and shit) were a big let down since i was expecting a bit of raw 8 bit goodness in its true form. despite that, this is pretty cool. it stays fairly true to the original.

dragonforce solos are a bastard to transpose because its just li or totman fucking around on the fretboard and not thinking things through properly. my advice would be to just take it one bar at a time and maybe even timestretch the original song so you can hear the notes played slowly.


This Version of Dragonforce sounds crazy, but i like it. You created a great style for this song, keep it up!
5/5 9/10