Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"

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This song is one great song. I mean who woudn't like it? Ok some people don't call it real metal, but who cares. What matters is the song, not the genre. I woudn't know how hard it would be to turn a song into 8-bit.

The work that must be done to do this. Maybe it's easy. Maybe it's not. I don't know. One thing I will say is that you've done a good job of doing that. Well deserving on one of the top heavy metal lists. I woudn't call it "heavy", but whatever.

If you can reply to this please tell me how hard it is to turn something into 8-bit. Until then keep making these versions of popular songs. And not Hanah Montana popular.



i think there might be 1 wrong note in the lead during the intro... 1 note just sounds wrong... try to get some sheet music :S (guitar tabs) Contact me if u want some sheet music and the software to open it ;)


This song was great in normal, 8-BIT is more x)
Remembers me about mega man
Great job dude!


Through the Fire and Flames 8bit?! Never expected this but hey, i found it!

Really good 8bit remix, it keeps the whole entire awesome feeling we all had when we heard the song intact with this remix which is really great, great job on this man.


8-bit through the fires and flames?
AWESOME!!!!! now do fury of the storm!