Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"

Pretty well maded... Well done =D

We can clearly hear all the sound of the real song, very good point.
You make a really good choice of "BIP" 8-bit, another good point.

But somewhere, you'll see the musical is quite off-background... Like the keyboard... We should hear it more, and at 2:59... maybe I'm not right but... I don't remember this sound have to guitar for so long in that path...

After all that, I'll give you a great 9/10.
Oh, one more thing... If you could change the title, this title would be more appropriated : ** TTFAF 8-bit (cut) **

(Cut mean... not full version like yours.)
I hope you do more good song like this, as well, not 8-bit. I'm not a real fan of that... hehe :P

\m/(^ _ ^)\m/--hellder--\m/(^ _ ^)\m/

This was funny, nicely converted to an 8-bit style

I got to say I stopped liking DF when It got out of hand and everyone wouldn't shut up about it. But this was great. I also would like to say that : gabrielbeast12's review should be strucken from the record lol. He gave a low score and just said that they sucked live, with no way reflecting on your work. Just his opinion of the org. artists
keep up the music man


But I'd like to see a full version.


DragonForce can make awesome studio versions, but live O GAWD, they can't play to save their skin.

Yes, we all have opinions.



There's some 8-bit Protest the Hero on Youtube, too. Damned hilarious!!