Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"


made me laugh ;) nice its like pacman eats megaman O.O


just another error by 8-bit man we will soon make originals

Man this thing PWNS :D

The choice of synths you had went really well with the song, although i miss the lack of vocals :( But i really love it :D Fiven :P

good job on it

considering there pace, you've done great on it so far, and guy below me, just because they own your slipknot who only earn there fans from just going; ROAARRRRRR, DEATH, ROAAAARRRRRRR, METAL, ROAAAAARRRRR, WEIRD MASKS ROAAAAAAARRRRRRR. dragonforce actually plays something that has more to it, and from what i hear, they can do there solos with no problem and thats from about lets see, more than hundreds of reviews

Haha Good Idea

Good work, although Dragonforce's solos are IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce, even THEY can't do it in concerts because they are frauds relying too much on ProTools and stuff using studio-magic lol

But still, this was pretty good.