Reviews for "dragonforce 8bit"

A great twist on an overplayed song.

Made the transition perfectly. No vocals, either! AWESOME! What else can I say? 5/5 and 10/10.


hey Magnet, i'm going to assume this is a midi file, so i don't think intonation is an issue...jus sayin.

next...haha, nice!!! Its sooo cool hearing an 8-bit version!!! I don't hav any negatives statements to say that u havent already listed above, so keep it krankin!!!

sorta like not really bad but it has flaws

it is a little out of tune in places.i don't think you spent enough time fixing errors in this song. and just to throw it out here, it isn't longer than the real version. it is
faster than the real version. the real version is 8-9 minutes long

pac man

it sound like pac man COOL ;)


haha nice xD