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Reviews for "turtleco cutout"


This is just what I needed to spice up my dorm!!
Now to connect to some one else's random ass printer and track it down!

turtleco responds:

spice up any dorm, apartment, office. Its a great gift for Christmas, anniversaries, any event. Make one today!!


Im making this and im gonna show it to my turtles. :D

turtleco responds:

thats cool d00d, show me too

you should post an example


turtleco responds:

sure why not


i just finished building my very own turtle and...even if i'm not sure it's built correctly...IT'S JUST FREAKIN' AWSOME!!! you should really post other animals like this!

turtleco responds:

I might

so cool

cool man i just printed one off for my little brother

turtleco responds:

why stop there? give one to your boss, your co-workers, girfriend, uncle, aunt mother, father, local church, random tramp on the streets, its a great gift for everyone.