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Reviews for "turtleco cutout"


turtleco responds:

you can't review your own stuff!! idiot!


I made one for my little brother's birthday.And one for cristhmas .Also gave one to mah boss he loved it :D

turtleco responds:

aw yeah! suckin' it up to the baws

Holy shit :x

This is so awesome, too bad i ain't got a functional printer.
Really epic D:
(this review was put alot of effort into :<) (promise!)

turtleco responds:


hahaha amazing

Wow i really like this.. Now i have an army of turtles :DD

turtleco responds:

soon we will rule the world...


but 1 problem. When i tryied to print it out, it game me this whole page!!
is there like another website for this??

turtleco responds:

click full screen, then right click, save image as, then open the image and print to your liking.