Reviews for "Madness '10"


why am i scard


It feels like im looking though master chiefs eyes.
Sorry if you take offense to that cause im sure you had no intention of anyone thinking of that concept from this drawging ANYWAY i just saw blud-shots comment haha how weird.
well your piece is amazing d00d just straight up awesome.

Jobertson responds:

haha, yeah i suppose it does look abit like halo, no offense taken :P
cheers for commenting :)

Awesome Pic!

Thats F*cking awesome, you could print this out and alike put it over your eyes... or somthing.... Love it

Very Nice.

Your use of color and lighting makes this look really realistic, and the first person view is really interesting. However, I feel like a dick for saying this, but you spelled "acquired" wrong...

Jobertson responds:

haha, damn.
I never have been good at spelling..
thanks for pointing it out, i'll remember that for next time :\
and thanks for the comments :D

Sick! It has a great NG feel to it