Reviews for "Madness '10"


Very awsome madness day art.

War is fantastic :3

Attention to Detail

What really did it for me was both of the reflections in the tank mans goggles.

Good stuff, most often overlooked or somehow covered up so the effort is limited a bit.

Jobertson responds:

glad you like it :D


it feels like im in a video game!am i the "=3" tankman guy?cause if i am i look pretty happy in the middle of a war!=3

Jobertson responds:

lol, yes you are the :3 guy, i didn't really think anyone would look closely enough to notice
thanks for commenting :)


It feels like im looking though master chiefs eyes.
Sorry if you take offense to that cause im sure you had no intention of anyone thinking of that concept from this drawging ANYWAY i just saw blud-shots comment haha how weird.
well your piece is amazing d00d just straight up awesome.

Jobertson responds:

haha, yeah i suppose it does look abit like halo, no offense taken :P
cheers for commenting :)


Very nice idea and use of colors. Reminds me of Halo.

Jobertson responds:

and good luck in the contest :D